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15 Super Creative Wedding Place Card Ideas You Will Love

Wedding planning allows you to make each moment special and uniquely yours. Every detail you plan will help your guests enjoy your wedding day. From the venue to the flowers, and the food, to your dress and the decor each and everything you decide upon paints a picture of your vision. One thing you might not have considered, though, is elevating your wedding place cards to something special. We’ve sourced 15 Super Creative Wedding Place Card Ideas You Will Love and will let your guests know just how much you care.


Personalized Notes

We’re starting with our absolute favorite place card idea. Nothing conveys an old-fashioned thoughtfulness quite like a personalized note. Imagine your guests sitting down to a special message from you. They will feel so welcomed and cared about. Yes using this idea will require some time and effort, but what a heartfelt and awesome idea! LOVE.


Vintage Keychains

We are in love with these groovy vintage keychains (100 for $153) available from You could personalize them by adding each guest’s name with a paint pen.


Holiday Ornaments

Another great idea is to place a lovely holiday ornament at each place setting. This way you are providing your guests with both a favor AND a place card. An especially enchanting idea for holiday weddings, this could also work for any season. Ornaments are available in so many styles these days that you can easily match them to your wedding vibe. You could source yours at greatly reduced prices after Christmas, or you could make a cute DIY, like this glitter-filled glass ornament:

How cute would these Flamingo Ornaments be for a beach wedding? All you would have to do is attach a little bit of paper with each guests’ name:


Mini Gumball Machines

How whimsical and fun are these mini gumball machines? Order these playful cuties online from for less than $2 each. You can choose the machines in a color to fit your theme and fill them with gumballs of your choice.



Candles are another option that can double as a favor and a place cardholder. You can print each guest’s name on some clear label paper, cut them out and affix them on some simple glass candle holders. Affordable and adorable. And, everyone likes personalized items!


Painted Leaves

Bring the beauty of nature to your place settings with leaves. Simple silver calligraphy elevates these fresh leaves into lovely personalized place holders.

Gold painted leaves with gorgeous script names are a glam option:


Glass Bud Vases

Tiny little bud vases with miniature flower arrangements provide a delicate place holder and are nice favors for guests to bring home, too.


Wooden Tags

Wooden tags are a nice touch, especially if you include your names and your wedding date as well.

You can make an easy DIY version of this idea by punching holes in little pieces of wood, tying them with jute and personalizing each with a black permanent marker.


Laser Cutouts

Laser cutouts of everyone’s name would be so, so, so cute. These awesome cutouts are widely available online at places like Etsy.


Mini Liquor Bottles

Booze with their name on it. A gift and a place holder with a kick.


Agate Stones

Agate stone place cards work well for on-trend, stylish weddings. The natural stones are gorgeous and guests will treasure their personalized rocks.

We found a super cool and affordable option if you don’t want to spend the money on actual stones. Make your own with the help of a handy Agate Stone Place Card DIY tutorial on,


Little Lanterns

Little lanterns would be a unique touch at each guest’s place. We found these cuties on amazon, six for $18.99 and they come in lots of colors.



What better way to set your table at your beach wedding than to use shells as place cards.

You can quickly and affordably make these yourselves. Get shells or even shell fragments and add names with a permanent marker in a pretty script.



Mini folding fans make a fun style statement as place cards.

Oriental Trading Company has these bamboo folding fans for less than $10 per dozen:


Acrylic Stands

Clear, clean and crisp acrylic stands are the perfect spot to position a place card.

Or, these personalized wedding place cards from amazon could be the perfect finishing touch to your table.