50 Wonderful Ways To Pass The Time During Self-Isolation

You’re doing the right thing if you’ve self-quarantined during this trying time. Even if you aren’t sick you are still helping your community “flatten the curve” by staying at home. And, you are keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.


Since everything from salons to gyms, concerts, and theaters are all shut down it’s up to you to entertain yourself!

So, we’ve compiled 50 Wonderful Ways To Pass The Time During Self-Isolation while you are homebound during this global pandemic. Keep the cabin fever at bay and the stir crazies in check!

  1. Watch all the shows and movies you haven’t had time for. But limit your couch time so you don’t become comatose.
  2. Take a daily walk outside. Say “hello” to anyone you pass. We all need a little kindness right now.
  3. In case of rain, dance indoors like no one is watching. (They aren’t.)
  4. Host a family talent contest.
  5. Play an instrument. Or listen to some really good music.
  6. Have a theme day. Dress and eat accordingly.
  7. You’ve got time to finish a puzzle. Spread one out on the dining room table and let everyone work on it at their leisure.
  8. Work on learning a foreign language. (Download Duolingo.)
  9. Read a book. Or books.
  10. Write letters to the people you love.
  11. Spa day! Face masks, scrubs, eye creams, teeth whitener, hair color. Emerge from isolation looking good!
  12. Deep clean something each day. The oven, the windows, or your carpets. Your house will be sparkling in no time.
  13. Organize a little of your home each day. Tackle one drawer a day or do your entire closet.
  14. Reflect on your blessings and remember to be grateful.
  15. Get out and work in the yard if you have one.
  16. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee. Have board game Olympics.
  17. Bake! Cookies, Pies, Cakes, Bread.
  18. FaceTime with friends and relatives, especially those who might be especially lonely.
  19. Spend 30 minutes a day exercising. You literally have no excuse at this point.
  20. Establish a dress-up day. Everyone must put on their very best. Set the table with a cloth and stemware. Serve dinner on the best china. Affect British accents and hold your pinkies just so as you drink. Do a family photo shoot in the yard.
  21. Get all the hardest things on your to-do list done: taxes, writing a will, financial planning.
  22. Make a huge production out of anything and everything. Movie night? Make a concession stand with popcorn and candy. Rearrange the den with theater type seating. Turn out all the lights. Turn up the volume. Pizza night? Make your own dough and try to toss it in the air. Have a toppings station where everyone can make their own pizza. Play Italian opera.
  23. Take everything out of your garage. Clean the dickens out of it. Put all the things back in a nicely organized manner. Watch WhatsUpMoms video for inspiration.
  24. Go through your makeup and throw out anything expired. Clean your brushes. Same for under your sinks. Chuck out any old toiletries or medications.
  25. Plan your dream vacation. Research locations, resorts, restaurants and things to do.
  26. Support small businesses in your area by purchasing gift cards to use after the quarantine. 
  27. If you don’t have TikTok, add the app and see what everyone is talking about. Make complicated TikToks.
  28. Spend an over-the-top amount of time playing with your pets.
  29. Get crafty even if you aren’t crafty. Glue some macaroni onto paper in interesting shapes. Crochet. Paint. Knit. YouTube tutorials can help.
  30. Sleep in. Sleep late. Take naps. This is your chance.
  31. Consider ways in which to help society. Be a light in a time of darkness.
  32. Take some time to simply be. In our formerly hectic busy lives, how often did we have the chance to just sit in stillness? Try it. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Namaste.
  33. Take stock of your pantry and plan out your meals.
  34. Make a list of things you want to do when the world comes back online. Museums to visit, people to see, concerts to attend, etc.
  35. Put out some Christmas lights to cheer up your neighbors.
  36. Organize your photos on your phone. Try Amazon Photos.
  37. Organize your actual photographs.
  38. Clean your baseboards and air vents.
  39. Change your air filter.
  40. Paint a room a fresh color.
  41. Start a Pinterest. Or fine-tune the one you already have.
  42. Take down all your curtains and wash them. Might as well open all your windows and let in some fresh air too.
  43. Clean your windows. Vinegar and newspaper.
  44. Decorate your house like you’re hosting a party. Then have a party for your household.
  45. Develop some new hairstyles for yourself. Master some braiding techniques with help from Instagram Influencers or YouTubers.
  46. Stay positive.
  47. Pray for the world.
  48. Hold on to hope.
  49. Stay safe.
  50. Love.