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Fun-loving Angie Oven of The Bridal Gallery runs her business with Joyfulness

Angie Oven fell into the bridal business by chance. She was at a place in her life where she wasn’t quite ready to resume her original career as a full-time banker, but she wanted to do something. In an act of pure whimsy she answered an ad for a bridal sales consultant and the rest is history. Angie remembers, “I never pictured myself doing something so girly…I fell into bridal merely by chance when I interviewed for a retail sales job with the owner Suzanne. She immediately decided that “I was the one” but I wasn’t so sure. Suzanne convinced me to give it a try…three months was all she asked for…within two weeks I knew I was destined for this business!”

By 2007 Angie decided to purchase the store from Suzanne. She had a vision of building the store into the”Nordstrom” of bridal in her town. Her children were young and she was absolutely terrified, but she just knew she would succeed. Angie remembers the very first morning she ever walked into the store as the owner, wondering how on earth she was going to even make the rent much less build the business! But with a positive attitude and a sense of determination Angie knew she could accomplish her goal little by little. Every Sunday afternoon Angie and her family would come to the store directly after church. While her son would work on his homework, her two young daughters helped Angie transform The Bridal Gallery into a showplace. Together they painted every pink stripe in the store by hand.

Within a couple of years, Angie added a full service alterations department, built from the ground up with help from her dad. After another couple of years, she took over the neighboring space and doubled the size of her boutique, adding a prom and pageant department. Her dreams for The Bridal Gallery came true!

Angie, along with her family, has continued to build her business by learning as she goes and making sure that a spirit of joyfulness is present for her staff and her customers. She explains, “I strive to offer a unique experience in our store… we want to be a place where everyone can relax and HAVE FUN…we laugh a lot…we are silly and we are REAL. There will be at least one time that our clients will think to themselves, “I can’t believe she said that!” and then laugh out loud. My staff will tell you that if you ask my opinion, you will definitely get it, so prepare yourself! …At the Bridal Gallery, we are family – when you visit, you are too.”

In fact, The Bridal Gallery offers the personal connection and sense of fun that big corporate bridal stores just don’t. Angie says, “We keep it real…we are personable, approachable and we aren’t pushy. By allowing our customers to find out who we are by sharing something personal is part of the experience we offer to make those relationships. Plus, we are a full service boutique which means we work with our brides from the moment they step into the store until the moment they step down the aisle.” Angie loves the beautiful business she has built, and her favorite part about owning a bridal boutique is the fact that her happy customers return to The Bridal Gallery year after year. She also loves the opportunity to be creative, to set her own schedule and to coach her team (pictured below) for higher results. #YAYTEAM

One of her fave funny stories from her years in the bridal biz? “I had a lady shopping with her daughter and when the consultant casually asked her if she preferred to wear white or ivory, her mother shouted at the top of her lungs, so everyone in the store could hear, “My daughter’s a virgin and she’s wearing white!”…yeah, not a virgin.”

Angie has wonderful advice for brides, and that is, “keep things in perspective!” After all, no matter what happens, you’ll still be married! And love and commitment to your partner is way more important than stressing over your wedding details.

As far a dress shopping tips, Angie urges future brides to take some chances. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles! Trust the staff at The Bridal Gallery a little bit! We really have been doing this for awhile and we can help you look and feel amazing on your wedding day…After all, this is the most important dress you will ever wear – don’t just leave it to chance, leave it to us. You won’t be disappointed. Walk into our store and feel instantly welcomed by our warm and smiling staff. Our bridal consultants are not only friendly and professional, they are knowledgeable and genuinely excited to assist you in finding your perfect dress.”

The future looks bright for Angie and The Bridal Gallery. She has created a super successful bridal business with a warm and welcoming vibe. Her bridal consultants are not only friendly and professional but they are also knowledgeable and genuinely excited to assist their clients. Her store has a fairy tale feel with large pedestals, huge mirrors and spacious, private fitting areas and, of course, the prettiest, girliest pink color scheme. Her customers are happy and her salon consistently wins awards. Now perhaps Angie can implement her next goal: turning the reigns over to her manager so that she can pursue more personal hobbies.


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