Grooming the Groom. 8 Easy Steps to Look Great At The Wedding

For guys who want to look as good as they can on wedding day, we’ve compiled an easy guide for getting gorgeous. We were inspired by Harry’s, a cool company that provides thoughtful and affordable grooming essentials for men. Follow our eight simple steps and you’ll show up looking fresh, rested, happy and handsome for the best day ever.

1. Start Shaving Like A Pro

The first step on your grooming journey is to make your everyday shave count by using a system that gets you a close, comfortable shave. Harry’s Truman Set, $15, offers everything you’ll need to get your shave game in tip-top form. A weighted handle with rubber grip. Three German-engineered blade cartridges, each with a flex hinge and lubricating strip. Foaming Shave Gel for a rich lather, and a handy travel cover to protect your blades when you’re on the move. Implement this system now and you will be ready to receive all those kisses on wedding day.

2. Baby Your Face With A Skin-Care System

Nothing is more important than fresh, healthy skin when you want to look your best. A few months before the big day, consider scheduling a couple facials to make sure your face is baby soft, hydrated and clear. You’ll also want to start a skin care regime by using a cleanser and moisturizer morning and night. We suggest some uber-affordable, well-rounded shaving accessories to exfoliate, protect, and hydrate your skin.

3. Take The Time To Get Fit

Start fine-tuning your wedding bod by putting in some extra time at the gym. Grab a friend and play a quick pickup game. Bike, swim, or maybe go on a few hikes. Get yourself in fine form by doing whatever activities make you happiest. Clean up your diet a bit and drink more water. The healthier you are the better you look.

4. Pamper Yourself

Self-care includes a little pampering now and then. Spoil yourself with a relaxing massage or two. (Massages are great a relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and making you sleep better.) Meditate, hang with friends, soul search, skydive, binge on Netflix….practice your version of indulgence, whatever that may be, so that you feel well taken care of and fulfilled. Happy grooms look the best!

5. Tame Those Brows

Man-scaping is a good thing, especially when it comes to brows. No one wants to look at wedding pictures and focus on the groom’s crazy, unruly eyebrows. Make sure yours are on point with a quick visit to a brow studio about a week before your day. They can shape up your caterpillars in no time flat. A bit of minor tweaking can make sure your brows look natural, masculine and groomed.

6. Up Your Nail Game

Schedule a Couple Man – icures

You’re going to have lots of pics taken focusing on that new ring on your finger, so you’ll need to make sure your nails are clean, filed and groomed. And don’t worry, taking care of your nails isn’t just for the ladies. If it makes you feel better most professional athletes keep on top of their games by practicing good nail care. Heck, LeBron James gets a weekly mani-pedi. Adding this simple task to your grooming routine will not only help your hands look superior aesthetically, but it will also make them feel better. Plus, getting a manicure before the wedding will insure that you don’t have any hang nails and that your hands look amazing.

Oh, and you might as well get a Pedicure too

Image your feet soaking in a warm, swirling water while a chair simultaneously massages your back. Sound like a good idea? Welcome to the world of pedicures. Where all you have to do is sit there and enjoy your free beverage while someone else cuts your nails and cuticles. Go ahead and splurge on monthly professional pedicures. Your feet will look, feel (and smell) better. A pedicure will remove excess dead skin on the feet, reduce sore spots, and give you clean and beautiful toes.

7. Work on Your Smile

Visit the dentist and get a quick check up and thorough cleaning to make sure your smile will be beautiful at your wedding. Also, invest in a teeth whitening kit. Our fave? Crest White Strips. You’ll need to start using these about two weeks before the wedding. Slap those sticky strips on your teeth for thirty minutes every day (perhaps while you watch the game) and you will have noticeably whiter, brighter teeth by wedding day.

8. Handle the Hair

Style & Cut

Consult with your stylist and choose your hairstyle a few months before the wedding. (You don’t want to try a new style right before the wedding.) Get regular cuts to keep your hair game strong. Be sure to schedule an appointment the week before the wedding, too.

Get Good Product

Start using high quality hair products so that your hair will be the healthiest and handsome-ist possible. Your stylist can recommend the best options for your hair type.

Get your style business in order by implementing a superior shave plan & skin care routine, spend some time getting fit, wax the brows, whiten your teeth, find time to do “you,” take care of your nails, and get your hair styled. These steps will insure that you will look and feel your very best on your wedding day. Once you’ve started, you might as well continue following the checklist after you’re married to keep your future looking bright.