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Heartfelt and Happy! Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes!

Heartfelt and Happy! Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes!

Wedding cakes are no longer just three tiers of white with some fondant on top. These days bakers are crafting amazing works of art in edible form. And, we are absolutely wowed by the latest trend to come along. Hand-painted wedding cakes are artistic, custom, heartfelt and happy.

So Versatile!

Since each and every hand-painted cake is custom-made they are adaptable to any style. In fact, cakes can be painted with the same techniques artists use on an actual canvas. For example, this lovely yellow cake awash with delicate pastel flowers delivers Impressionist vibes:

Like the breathtaking work of Claude Monet:

Cake as the Canvas

These days confectioners are hand-detailing a dazzling array of items like garlands, portraits, monograms, flourishes, flowers, trees, and birds. But our favorite trend is painted copies of actual handwritten love notes from the bride to the groom or vice versa.


Also, hand-painted cakes are versatile because anything is possible. If you can dream it, somebody can paint it. Include a hand-painted cake at any style wedding, whether you are planning a casual beach soiree or a more formal event.

Small Brushstrokes = Major Style

First of all, even the simplest details, when hand-done, deliver major impact.

Anything is Possible!

Secondly, your wedding day vision can be fulfilled because any design is possible (from flamingos to family crests) with the deft artistry of a cake maker.

For example, cakes can be softly romantic. The addition of a few well-chosen words painted on the bottom layer of this cake makes it so special. And the top layer is hand speckled like a robin’s egg:

Or, you can go for a pop of color. This classy cake features gorgeous sapphire brushstrokes:

Or, if you are searching for a copper cake, consider this one. The crisp outlines in black look like an ink drawing:

Or, if you are into a burgundy color palette, take a look at this pair of cakes:

The artistry of handwork on cakes pairs perfectly with three-dimensional elements like flowers.

Confectioners can use different painting techniques to create amazing works of cake art. We love this gouache style cake.

Delicate watercolor flowers adorn this sweet cake:

Certainly, birds and branches are a popular theme on tiered wedding cakes for 2020:

This vintage-inspired single layer cake by the award-winning British bakers at Juniper Cakery is very pretty. Fashion-forward and youthful this cutie features a monogram in a gilded frame.

We love this soft pastel pink dress. It is giving us fairy, woodsy vibes with a chic twist.

This spectacular cake is like a slice of stained leaded glass heaven. Inspired by Art Nouveau designer Louis Comfort Tiffany and his famous lamps.

Full of whimsy this cake has adorable portraits of the bride and groom and a cute scalloped edge first layer.

Even a simple splash of handiwork in gold provides drama on this cake:

Next, this bohemian masterpiece which combines Geometric shapes with free-form gilding by Gateaux Inc. This beauty was featured on The Cake Blog.

Last up we have this dramatic cake, with a profusion of gorgeous flowers attached to a matte black two-layer confection.

To conclude, whatever cake you decide on for your wedding day, we hope you consider using some lovely, hand-painted elements.