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Love to get cozy? Try Hygge, the Danish art of comfort and good cheer!

Since the weather outside is getting colder, and the holidays are upon us we thought we’d bring up the awesome practice of taking coziness, comfort and joy to the NEXT LEVEL. Have you heard of it? Hygge (pronounced HOO-gə) is the Danish practice of elevating coziness and comfortable conviviality to an art form. And since most people love to be comfy and cozy Hygge is catching on worldwide. Imagine all things relaxing and comforting that you love and combine them all together in your head. For instance, picture a crackling fire, a comfy armchair, a pile of pillows and throws, a warm mug of cocoa, a loved one, a stack of good books. Are you with us? Now imagine some great music playing softly and the enticing smell of delicious cookies baking in the oven. Oh, and envision yourself wearing something extremely soft with some fuzzy slippers, too. Sound heavenly? Well, that’s Hygge for ya.

Hygge is all about taking the time to amp up the cozy factor. For example, when you get in for the night after a long day of work, you can just plop down on your couch to watch tv like you usually do. OR, you could take a little time to first light a candle, put a throw in the dryer for a minute to warm it up, pile on all your pillows, get some warm tea, fix a plate of special snacks and hunker down for a super awesome tv experience. Which sounds cozier? Hygge baby!!!

Whenever you take the time to light a fire, don’t you just love it? Fire one up, toast your toes in relaxing flannel pjs next to your boo and you’ll be practicing Hygge.

Everything soft and fuzzy adds to the coziness. Like a little kitten snuggled up in a blanket.

You can make your house Hygge-ready by layering rugs, throws, and pillows with abandon. Adding in natural elements like plants makes your environment happier and healthier too.

Stack up books you’d like to read and amass some beautiful candles, too.

Give your wardrobe a Hygee makeover. Get yourself some super soft sweaters, tees, and socks. Slippers, wraps and anything uber comfortable works well for this way of lifestyle.

Incorporate your comfy clothes into your everyday life and you’ll feel a little boost of Hygge, even when you’re headed out for a busy day on the go.

Hygge is meant to be shared with others, too. Invite friends over for a relaxed evening with yummy food, candlelight, and companionship.

Lift everyone’s spirits with warm laughter, good conversation, and some fun toasts. Ensure everyone has a cushy seat and a smile on their face and you’ll all be basking in Hygge together.

Those quiet moments at home are the epitome of Hygge though. Like nestling with a newborn. So cuddly!

If you want to know more about the art of coziness we recommend The Little Book of Hygge by Meik WikingHygge: The Danish Art of Happiness by Marie Tourell Søderberg, and The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well by Louisa Thomsen Brits.

Happy Hygge-ing Everybody!!

We wish you all the comfort and joy of the season (from our blanket fort in front of our roaring fire!)