Mask Makers, Bridal Stores Unite To Help Our Country

Mask Makers

Bridal Stores Unite To Help Our Country

All across the nation bridal store owners and their staff, family and friends have joined forces to help make masks for our first responders, health care workers, and essential employees. We are so proud of the outpouring of love and support from members of our industry. Here we have compiled just a few of the many heartwarming stories of help coming from around the United States.

Isabella Grace Bride by Reflections
103 S Carlton Street
Harrisonburg VA 22802
Joy Salyards, owner of Isabella Grace Bride has been partnering with sewers all across Virginia from Maurertown to Charlottesville to make much-needed masks for our essential workers. So far she has donated enough garment bags to make 40,000 masks!!
She says, “My heart is full with the outpouring of help with COVID-19 from different sewing groups from Fort Valley, Maurertown, New Market, Grottoes, and Dayton. In the last two days, we have donated new garment bags to these sewing groups to turn them into masks for our front line workers to stay as safe as possible while they risk their lives to save others and us. If you are a sewing group or individual that is making masks, please message the store and we will get you supplies. We will be donating our garment bags until we have no more or this COVID-19 has been defeated.”
To date, heroes have sewn more than 12,000 masks. THANK YOU TO EACH ONE SEWING!!!! FYI, one garment bag will make 40 masks. If you have any at home, please consider donating them to a group that will put them to GREAT use. If we ALL do our part in helping and in staying home, as a UNITED country we have this!!!!”
Aurora Bridal
1697 N Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32935
Facebook: AuroraBridal
Instagram: @AuroraBridal

Cami Hester, the owner of Aurora Bridal, shared with us why she wanted to get involved in helping with the mask making movement.

What inspired you to donate bags to people sewing masks?

Once I read that our garment bags were made out of the same fabric used for masks in hospitals I knew I had to offer them. Luckily, I had just received a shipment of bags in the week before we were ordered to close. It has been so heartwarming to see the number of people making masks for healthcare workers and essential jobs!

Who helped you?

My manager, Jaime Greer and I distributed the bags as people pulled up to the shop.

How many bags have you provided?

We gave out all we had which was 75 bags. Enough for 3000 masks!

What challenges did you face?

I did try to get more bags but was unable to. The response was so great that we ran out in just 5 hours. People are still calling 9 days later asking for the bags.

Facchianos Bridal and Formal Attire
4910 West Kenosha
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Despite having to close her own business temporarily, Jennifer Thompson, owner of Facchianos Bridal and Formal Wear decided to do her part to help local healthcare workers needing masks on the front lines.

She is donating her bridal shop’s garment bags to local sewers so they can whip up surgical masks for doctors and nurses who so desperately need protection.

“I thought you know what…we’re not doing business right now so that’s the best thing we could do with our bags is donate them. We love to do things for the community and give back. For 23 years the community has served us,” said Thompson.

The Bridal Collection
4151 E County Line Road
Centennial CO 80122 

What inspired you to make masks?

It was an easy decision to make as giving back to our community has been a part of our TBC company mission since day 1.

Who is helping you make masks? 

Just about every single team member has a role in helping with our #tbcmaskproject. We have about 12 seamstresses sewing, 7 members providing supplies and five ladies making all the deliveries! It truly has been an amazing team effort. Even our interns have jumped in to help sew and provide supplies! 

How many masks have you provided? 

So far we have made roughly 200 masks, but we have another 1,000+ requests.
What types of fabrics/products are you using to create masks? 
We are using a variety of products including our very own Garment Bags along with cotton fabric, sheets, and t-shirts! Also, our team has been using hair ties, shoelaces and elastic along with a variety of different materials for the bands!

How long does it take to make one mask?

It takes about 15-20 minutes to make each mask

How many hours to date have you spent on the project?

A couple of our team members and their families started making masks just about a week ago and roughly as a collective group we have spent more than 100 hours on this project! 

How long will you continue? 

We have no plan on stopping as long as there is a need for masks in the community and we have the needed supplies we will make as many as we can! 

Places you have donated?

Douglas County First Responders have received our masks, as well as St. Joseph’s Hospital Team members, family and friends, several assisted living facilities and our brides (past and present) who are in the healthcare industry.

Team members who are helping you?

Emily, Elizabeth, Betsy, Abby, Jessie R, Jessie S  Bethany, Serafima, Lana, Zhenya, Priscilla, GayLynn, Susan, Melissa, Jessie S, Jessie R, Jolene, Jenny, Lani, Lynn, Jordan, Leah, Anna, and family members!
Sweet Hello Bridal
101 Public Square
Watertown NY 13601
Instagram: @sweethellobridal

What inspired you to help with the mask shortage?

I was inspired to donate material that could be used to make masks because I wanted to help the community and others in some way. I do not have the skills to sew, but once I learned that our breathable garment bags make great material for masks and other safety items, I knew we could help in some way, even just a little. This makes me feel good knowing there are more masks out there for healthcare professionals, first responders, other essential workers and residents who are in need of protection as they are taking care of us and the community. Our mission is to take care of brides and their guests.  And this is just one way that we can help our community and others.

Who is helping you make masks?

There are 10 local northern New York residents including Downtown Julie Brown shop; and three bridal stores helping to make the masks.

How many masks have you provided?

I have been told that these bags can yield anywhere from 40-75 masks/bag.  If I calculate 40 masks per bag, that will be over 2000 masks supplied that these amazing people are making for their communities, health care, and essential employees.
What types of fabrics/products are you providing to create masks?
The materials are bridal breathable garment bags sourced from which is a water repellent and poly-mesh fabric.
Elda’s Bridal
West New Haven Avenue
Melbourne Florida 32904
Facebook: Eldasbridal
Instagram: @eldasbridal

What inspired you to make masks?

Both of my daughters, Breanna and Alyssa work in health care and I know there is a need. I pray for them and all of the health care workers daily to stay healthy. I know how to sew, and I want to help, so I use that talent to help people who don’t know how or do not have the time.

How many masks have you provided?

Probably 40 as of now.
What types of fabrics/products are you using to create masks?
I’m using 100% cotton fabric and I’m lining the masks with our garment bag material.

How long does it take to make one mask?

They take about half an hour. So I work on them a few hours a day.

The assistant.

Any challenges finding products to use to create masks?

I’m having trouble finding elastic, stores are out.

Where you have donated masks?

Nicklaus children’s Hospital, friends, family, and customers
Bella Rose Bridal
1709 Mall Drive
Duluth, MN  55811
(current contact number 218-390-4659)
Instagram: @brbridal

Misty Matson of Bella Rose Bridal took the time to share her mask-making journey with us.  She explains, “We are a local bridal store that gives back to the community in various ways. This has been a unique way that we can give back and provide something to anyone who needs assistance.  I have been contacted by individuals who are at high risk and are unable to purchase masks. I currently have a system set up where I put their masks in a bag with their name and place it on my porch for pick up. Our local school district has asked for masks as the district is providing daycare for essential workers, so I hope to make masks to help the school district, along with individuals in need.”

What inspired you to make masks?

When I learned of the need for masks made at home I felt this was something I could do to help my neighborhood, my city, and my country during this very unusual period in our history. Thankfully I can follow a pattern and sew a straight seam!  With bridal stores being closed I can manage the store needs with time left over for making masks.

Who is helping you make masks?

We have one person making masks, (me) with another who recently asked if she could learn how to cut to help move the process along.

How many masks have you provided?

At this point, I think I have made 75-100 masks,

What types of fabrics/products are you using to create masks?

I am using 100% cotton fabric along with bridal gown bags for the liner. It hurts a tad to be cutting up our beautiful printed bridal gown bags, however, keeping people healthy is worth the investment!

How long does it take to make one mask?

Making one mask, from cutting the fabric to finishing takes about 45 minutes. However, once I got into the process I began using an assembly line technique which makes the time for each mask less and less, and the more I work on them the more skilled I become.  So far many hours have gone into the project.  I will continue as long as I am unable to open my store and there is a need, as well as being able to obtain supplies.

Have you faced any challenges in your journey?

I am currently out of elastic. However, I found elastic hair ties at the drug store so I am using these until my elastic order arrives. It is fun to find unique options to fill the void. I have also put out requests for fabric on local Facebook pages.

Illusion Bridal
13310 Philadelphia Street
Whittier CA, 90604
Instagram: IllusionBridal
Lourdes Hernandez of Illusion Bridal was inspired to make masks once she heard of the mask shortage family members, community, and essential workers were facing. She explains, “We realized we could use our passion to sew and creativity to make as many masks as possible.”

What inspired you to make masks?

When the Whittier Presbyterian Hospital reached out to Illusion Bridal, we instantly knew that we could contribute for the greater good.

Who is helping you make masks?

My mother, daughter and I are making the masks. Together we are helping each other cut patterns and elastic, and sewing the masks.”

How many masks have you provided?

In total, we have made a little over 200 masks to donate.
What types of fabrics/products are you using to create masks?
To create the masks we started using fabric we had around the house including washed bed sheets, pillowcases, and even clothes from my son’s “build-a-bear.” Now, we are using fabric we have ordered from Joann’s fabric, and we are still using cotton so that the masks can be washed and are soft on the skin.

How long does it take to make one mask?

To make a single mask, with three people working, it takes twenty minutes to cut the fabric elastic and sew it all together. In total, we have completed around 60 hours to create dozens of masks. We will continue to make masks until they are needed, and until our local people feel comfortable with the masks they have.

Have you faced any challenges while making masks?

Challenges arose about last week when trying to find fabric and elastic, which was when we traveled an hour to the downtown Los Angeles fashion district for yards of elastic. The shortage of fabric is what encouraged us to use clean home items such as bed sheets.

Where have you donated masks?

We have donated face masks to our local community, such as neighbors and store owners. We have also donated 1,400 yards of elastic to our local hospital, PIH Presbyterian.
Lourdes encourages people to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. She says, “We are in this together! Do your part and stay home with your loved ones.”

The Sewing Lady
100 North Madison Avenue
Greenwood IN 46142
Instagram: @thesewinglady52
Diana Casey, the proprietress of The Sewing Lady, shared with us what inspired her to start making masks. “First and foremost I immediately thought of those who are considered essential during this time and feared for their safety.”
Diana was also reminded of her Granny, who taught her how to sew. And she knew what her Granny would do in a time like this, she would take matters into her own hands.
Diana continued, “I was sitting in my shop, looking at all this fabric I have hoarded over the years thinking SOMEDAY I will use this. And I thought of my family while looking at it. Because so many times they would say, “Mom, throw it out you’re never going to use it.” Well, girls YES I AM.”
I instantly made up a cut out to make a mask, sewed it together and showed my family as we are a family-owned business. We decided to go for it. I mean, after all, we needed to do something to bring in some money because again we are family-owned. To survive, we needed to take action to make ends meet.
If you would like to order a mask from The Sewing Lady, please visit this website the-sewing-lady-masks.weeblysite.comhttp
Mariee Bridal
8100 East Indian School Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Facebook: MarieeBridalUSA
Mariee Bridal donated new garment bags plus more than seventy new fabric tote bags to “Phoenix Masks.” Phoenix Masks is an organization currently making secondary masks to be used in hospitals for doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to wear over their N95 masks in the hopes that it will preserve them a little bit longer.
I Do Bridal
424 North 85th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
Instagram: @idobridal
I Do Bridal donated countless fabric garment bags to help the people sewing masks. They are especially grateful to their friend Darcy of Fragile Fit Alterations. Darcy has sewn many, many masks to help their community during this time.
Please join us in thanking these stellar members of our industry, who have rolled up their sleeves and jumped right in to help our country.