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Roaming Food Bars, Our Favorite Wedding Reception Food Trend for 2019

A wedding is probably the biggest soiree you will ever throw. And a big part of planning your wedding includes figuring out the food situation. I mean, most festivities invariably revolve around everyone’s fave pastime, eating. So deciding on what to serve and how to serve it at your wedding will likely consume a fair portion of your planning time. You might have debated the merits of a plated meal versus a buffet for your event. Or perhaps you’ve even considered having a food truck or two, but there is another option for you to consider, especially if you are seeking something exceptional and unique for your wedding reception. Roaming Food Bars, the latest wedding reception food trend for 2019, are a fun approach to feeding your loved ones. An informal and interactive way to have your guests experience food, roaming food bars take the meal to the party.

Your guests won’t have to line up at buffet, or queue up at a food truck window. Instead, with roaming food bars, the food will come right to them, as they mingle and enjoy themselves at your reception. Roaming food bars are an elevated riff on hors d’oeuvres plates of the past. Instead of a platter of pimento stuffed olive canapes, say, picture a guy carrying around a full-on raw bar in a cool wooden crate. He’ll have everything your people will need including plates, napkins and sauces. Imagine their happiness when this guy walks up with oysters on the half shell just for them. Yes, a crab leg sounds delightful!

We love the interactive quality a roaming food bar brings to a wedding reception. An added air of excitement will fill the air as guests experience various fun dishes as they pass through the crowd, like this:

Roaming Food Bars aren’t just carried, they can also be pushed through your event on adorable carts, like this amazing sushi and noodle station on wheels:

Abigail Kirsch, a legendary catering and event company in New York, has set the bar for fabulous food carts. Their rolling food stations offer everything from a Savory Fondue Station to a Vietnamese Rice Bowl Cart in rustic industrial style no less. So much yummy inspo!

Oh, hello captivating lil’ cheese cart! We will have the Manchego please.

Your food presentations can get terribly artsy too, if you are inclined in that direction. Pri Productions, one of the Southeast’s premiere event companies, served up these delicious looking skewers on an interesting piece of wood:

Everyone will be happy to see this tray make the rounds, as it is filled with yummy sweets.

With roaming trays you can even provide colorful candies and treat bags as favors that can be passed to your guests.

Roaming Bars can also be a handy way to convey drinks to your guests as well.

Roaming food bars are the perfect way to present festive food pairings, too, like shots of Patron and mini tacos:

Roaming food bars also serve up food in easy to manage sizes, that are portable and fun for guests.

Instead of a seated dinner or a been-there-done-that buffet, consider hosting a roaming meal for your guests consisting of lots of passed apps, appetizing small plates and interactive stations. The reception will be a memorable event for everyone.