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Some of the Prettiest Wedding Cakes in the World! Part I

We’ve sourced the some of the prettiest wedding cakes in the world for your viewing pleasure. And, although the best confectioners on the planet might not be in your neighborhood or price range, their work is free to admire. And we are pretty sure you’ll find something you LOVE. We hope you’ll find inspiration for your own wedding cake. Since the world is a pretty big place we are starting with a few of our favorites from the US, Great Britain, Australia and Signapore. (Stay tuned for more in this series!)

Our tour starts in London with the height of opulence at renowned confectioner Rosalind Miller who specializes in fancy, fancy cakes finely detailed with hand-crafted sugar flowers and decorations. What gets us most excited are the cascading florals they do so incredibly well.

Take a moment to view this vibrant three tiered stunner from their Abundance Collection:

For those who prefer a more delicate color palette, this three tier ivory cake with cascading florals is absolutely enchanting:

The creativity and craft is simply amazing at this bakery. How sweet is this three tiered wedding cake in blush, which features sugar roses with hand-piped brush embroidery?

Each cake is more amazing than the last. Like this incredible cake inspired by Frida Kahlo, rich with the vibrant colors and patterns of Mexican art, which features hand-piped and iced embroidery designs with a colorful bouquet of sugar flowers (AND TASSELS):

This confectionery also makes INCREDIBLE, MIND-BLOWING desert tables, like this one that was created for a royal event. We’d HATE to be on Keto at this party:

Singapore is home to the fabulous Cupplets bakery.

Cupplets is a small, artisanal bakery dedicated to customized baked goods. Their swoon-worthy designs are inspired by painting, nature and flowers, which means they are every Boho bride’s dream. Each and every cake is hand crafted by the Cupplets team from the baking to the decorating. Their awesome slogan, which IOO everyone should embrace, is, “live what you love.” The peeps at Cupplets are obviously doing what they love and their passion is reflected in the gorgeous cakes they create, like this luscious single tiered vision of watercolor loveliness:

They are famous for their custom, two-tiered forest cakes, which are covered with lavish bits from nature and provide a big dose of whimsy:

Actually, all their cakes have a whimsical, fairy tale feel:

Sunny Santa Monica, California is where you can find Vanilla Bake Shop. This darling bakery focuses on heartfelt, scratch-made cakes with a focus on contemporary design and taste.

Vanilla Bake Shop can turn out most any style cake with exceptional craftsmanship, like this amazing geode cake. Is that a hole right through the third layer? Why, yes. Yes it is.

Traditional, with a twist, this gorgeous high-rise of a cake, features asymmetric tiers and beautiful blush florals:

They do sweet, too. This adorable ruffled cake with a vintage inspired swath of flowers is the perfect wedding confection for an easy-going, country feel event:

And, their black wedding cake with handmade sugar florals is a study in exquisiteness. We’d actually feel bad cutting into the perfect exterior. But we’d get over ourselves:

Stewart Uy Photography

Nine Cakes, located in Brooklyn, New York, is a boutique cake studio specializing in decadently delicious cakes with elegant, clean lined, handcrafted designs.

This lovely, lovely white cake is a study in minimal maximalism. You have the clean, crisp white cake accented with the smallest bursts of color. A relatively plain cake but somehow it just stops you dead in your tracks with its major style punch. Probably our favorite of all! What do you think?

And, the starkness of the white tiers of this next cake, accented with the simplest of sliced fruits is so dramatically awesome. These cakes give us art museum vibes. They look easy, but only because the baker is so freaking talented. If we cut up some fruit and arranged it on a cake it sure wouldn’t look like this:

A study in a single color palette, this cakes wows with its simplicity and it’s many beautiful textures:

Tome is a stellar bakery on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. They serve up casually decadent, sun-drenched cakes.

The cake creations from Tome are a visual sensation – vibrant, colorful and topped with all sorts of delights. This photo of a shot inside the fridge in their bakery went wild on social media recently. Like, who doesn’t want to open their icebox to this view?

This pretty pastel cake is giving us serious mermaid feels:

We love how they combine the naked cake trend, with the drip cake trend, and the macaroon topped cake trend with beautiful abandon:

Their cakes are like a dose of sunshine. We can just stare at pictures of their confections for DAYS. Yes, Tome, Yes.