Sunflower Wedding

Stunning Ways to Add Happy Sunflowers To Your Wedding

Stunning Ways to Add Happy Sunflowers To Your Wedding

Bright, sunshiny sunflowers are the perfect addition to a wedding day. For one thing, they represent all the things a good marriage is based on. Qualities like loyalty, adoration, happiness, and longevity. Also, when sunflowers are in season, the world is definitely a brighter place. So read on for some stunning ways to add happy sunflowers to your wedding, and let your day shine! Incorporate these cheerful blooms with your floral elements, your sweets, and everywhere else you want a pop of joy.

Floral Elements

The absolute best way to enhance your wedding with sunflowers is to use lots of them. Imagine the romantic feeling of exchanging vows near a vibrant field of blooming sunflowers!
Another way to bring sunflowers to your day is to use them in your bouquet. We found lots of inspiring sunflower forward bouquets on Pinterest for you. We are in love with this horizontal one featuring PINK! sunflowers!!! Who even knew there were pink ones?
But we also adore these traditional sunflowers mixed with pale pink gerbera daisies:
In addition, you can add sunflowers all around your venue to reinforce your happy theme. For example, this table garland is gorgeous!
Credit: Ling’s Moment
Looking for a rustic take on sunflowers? How pretty are these mason jars brimming with sunflowers? What a perfect way to line your aisle, country style. They are the sweetest nod to nature, tied with twine and perched on stumps.
Don’t forget the guys. A simple sunflower bloom makes a really cute boutonniere, especially paired with a darling patterned shirt:


What better way to spice up your wedding sweet table than with some sunflower-adorned confections? These cuties are the perfect addition to cakes, cupcakes, or even cookies. Choose to use real flowers, faux ones, or even painted versions. Whichever way you incorporate sunflowers they will definitely steal the show. For instance, this three-layer naked cake is charmingly decorated with real sunflower blooms:
For an example of an artistic rendition of sunflowers, check out this enchanting hand-painted bas relief, Monet-inspired masterpiece by Cake Hero. This elaborately embellished cake features 3-d flowers, actual blooms plus a stunning impressionistic painted scene on the middle layer:
Credit: Cake Hero + Samuel Morgan Photography
Famed UK floral pastry chef Sami Jo Gascoyne of Blushing Cook uses dried, edible flowers for her works of art. In addition, she creates cakes that are gorgeous and delicious. For instance, we love this “pressed floral” cake Sami created. And, this beauty features bright sunflowers accented with pops of purple, green, and red.
Credit: Blushing Cook
Another option is to serve some amazing sunflower cupcakes on your special day. Take for instance these delightful ones from Kerry’s Bouqcakes. Cupcake artist Kerry loves to transform her cupcakes into floral masterpieces. Cookies are another wonderful option for a sunflower-themed sweet. And, if you are so inclined, you can DIY the ones below by visiting the Floured Canvas, an online cookie decorating class.
Or, if you would rather purchase some sunflower wedding cookies, we sourced these adorable ones on etsy for you:

Pops of Joy

Spread the sunflower love around your wedding day with little pops of joy. Send your guests home with a sunny little flower favor like these cuties from etsy:
Gift your bridesmaids with some cool resin sunflower drop earrings:
Or purchase some sunflower earrings to wear yourself, like these gorgeous 14k gold ones:
Creative Union makes the cutest invites, programs, and wedding fans. We are heart-eyed over these:
However, you choose to use them we know these bright and cheerful flowers will definitely add sunshine and happy vibes to your wedding.