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The Prettiest Ways to Put Pumpkins in Your Wedding

The days are getting shorter, leaves are beginning to drift from the trees, mornings have a just a hint of frostiness, there are pumpkins lined up at the grocery store and Bath & Body Works fall-scented candles have hit the shelves. These are all tell-tale signs that glorious autumn is upon us. Since the season has arrived we thought we’d pay a little homage to the star gourd of the season, Punkins! Pumpkins are associated with so many nice things. They conjure up good feelings about fall holidays, family, Thanksgiving, togetherness, joy, and most importantly pie. It’s no wonder that they turn up in so many fall weddings. They are not only beautiful, but they are also super versatile: you can eat them, carve them, and decorate with them. Affordable and easily available, pumpkins come in a variety of beautiful shades, shapes, and sizes that work great for this season’s weddings!

Pumpkins make a great style statement at the entrance of a wedding. Since they are so affordable it is best to use a lot of them for the most impact. Whether lining a walkway adorned with falling leaves or grouped with baskets of flowers and other produce, pumpkins announce a seasonal feel to your guests. We love that pumpkins come in a range of colors including white.

You can also line your pathway down the aisle with loads of pretty pumpkins:

Hollowed out pumpkins make fantastic flower vases for fall-themed events. This wonderful whitewashed pumpkin is filled with luscious white and pale blush roses, pods, and greenery.

Pumpkins look amazing amassed as a centerpiece. We love the moody tones of black and white mixed with pale blue and gold on this tablescape.

Pumpkins can deliver a more delicate design as shown below, where white and pale green gourds are paired with babies breath and soft greenery.

Pumpkins can be transformed into lavish candleholders with the help of stencils and some handy knifework. These gorgeous light green ones would look amazing for a fall wedding.

You can even use carved out pumpkins for drink coolers.

They make adorable placeholders, too. These mini pumpkins guide guests to the proper table with a simple name card tied with twine.

Since pumpkins are easily painted any color, they can pair with any design scheme. These tiny ones go glam with a coat of gold!

For a great tutorial on how to transform plastic pumpkins into heirloom versions in beautiful colors visit SoMuchBetterWithAge. The pumpkins below are amazing transformations of dollar store items!!!

Pumpkins are easily embellished with decor items. Look at these sweet pearl punkins which would look amazing scattered on the cake table:

You can even use mini pumpkins for your wedding cake topper:

There are even tons of wedding invite options featuring the fall squash:

Heck, the bridesmaids can even carry pumpkins down the aisle instead of bouquets:

How about the world’s easiest fall guest book? Just have your guests sign a pretty pumpkin!

However you choose to use them, pumpkins can bring the spirit of fall into your wedding in so many wonderful ways.