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The Royal Wedding Recap: The Dress, The Veil, The Tiara, The Second Dress #harryandmeghan

We’re pretty sure we know where you were last Saturday morning. If you are anything like us you were parked on the couch in front of your tv…anxiously awaiting THE DRESS while watching the royal wedding of the world’s most adorable couple Meghan Markle & Prince Harry. We know you’ve heard all about it, but we couldn’t resist a lil’ Royal Recap to relive the bridal style of it all. And the love. These two are obvi in LOVE. We admit, we cried. Sigh.

Acclaimed British designer Clare Waight Keller from the house of Givenchy designed the incredibly awe-inspiring beautiful double-bonded silk cady dress. Meghan wanted a dress that was both modern and timeless, and she nailed it. Featuring an open bateau neckline, slim three-quarter sleeves and a triple silk organza underskirt the gown is a study in understated elegance.  At first we were wondering if there was any kind of embellishment on the gown, hidden by the glorious veil. Some beading? Some lace? And we thought, “hmmmm? Do we like this uber understated gown?” After careful consideration our answer is HECK YEAH! For although the gown is breathtakingly simple with zero beading or embellishments, the attention to detail and the perfectly draped fabric relay luxuriousness only royals can afford. Plus she absolutely glowed with love, inner beauty and gorgeousness.

Harry rocked his Blues and Royals frockcoat uniform. Who loves a ginger? WE DO! And how freaking cute was his case of nerves? He may be a Prince, but that day (to quote one of our fave British RomComs Notting Hill), he was “just a boy standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him.” She replied, “YES!”

Train, train, train. Let’s talk about THE TRAIN. Sixteen feet of exquisite silk tulle, hand embroidered with 53 types of flora and fauna representing all the counties of the British Commonwealth. Such a thoughtful design and utterly, devastatingly beautiful. And long. The “monarch” length was a subtle nod to Princess Diana’s memorable wedding train.

Meghan also included two flowers personal to her heart in her veil design: Wintersweet, which grows in front of Nottingham Cottage, and the California Poppy, the State flower of her birthplace. Plus crops of wheat are incorporated in the very front of the veil to symbolize love and charity. Who knew a veil could convey so much?

Tiara Time! Meghan’s statement headpiece, officially known as the “Filigree Tiara,” is a jeweled band originally belong to Queen Mary. The vintage tiara was loaned to Meghan by the Queen Elizabeth and considering the simplicity of the rest of her look added a major wow factor! We think her beautiful brown eyes sparkled even more than all those diamonds:

And, now, let’s discuss the SECOND DRESS. We live and breathe for it! Because fairy-tale weddings require multiple dream dresses. And, this sleek reception dress is the absolute epitome of glamour. Another dress of stunning simplicity, this one features a high halter neck in custom silk, designed by Stella McCartney. And it is everything. Effortless. Understated. Sexy. Gorgeous.

Meghan and Harry’s day was incredibly stylish and awe-inspiring. We loved every single element. But what shines through all the pomp and circumstance and all the incredible wedding designs is above everything else, love. The simple fact is that these are really just two people who are very happy and in very much in love. And that is our favorite part of this fairy tale wedding day.