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TREND ALERT: Geode Wedding Cakes!

geode cake collageOk, so you might be thinking, “What the heck is a geode and what is it doing on my wedding cake?”

Well, in nature, a geode is a rock containing a cavity lined with colorful crystals or other mineral matter. Lots of folks treasure them for their beauty, and find them to have healing powers. We sourced a beautiful one at Neiman Marcus. Isn’t it lovely?


If you’ve got upwards of $5000 laying around somewhere, you might want to purchase this stunning ring from British fashion gurus Browns Fashion:

In wedding cakes, sparkling cutouts of edible crystals that echo the beauty of naturally-occurring geodes can takes your wedding cake to the next level of gorgeousness.

No boring run-0f-the-mill buttercream confections here! Take a look the hottest new trend with some of the geode cakes we are currently OBSESSED with below:

First up, this turquoise and gold themed geode cake ROCKS. (Sorry had to go there:) But it does, from the dramatic cavern of turquoise rock candy rimmed in gold to the matching rock candy swizzle sticks this wedding cake display is uber-stunning. RED BALLOON PHOTOGRAPHY/CAKE: THREE TIERS FOR CAKE


Sara’s Sweets in Austin, Texas baked up this amazing purple geode cake that is too pretty to eat. (But, we’ll take a slice from the middle please.)

Image result for sara's sweets purple geode cake

 WHISK CAKE COMPANY created this fabulous deep-blue cavern of deliciousness with metallic accents. Love how the gold “cracks” in the cake add to the rock feel:


Here is a purple and marble beauty by Charlotte at Cakes Decor.

Amethyst Geode Cake by Charlotte:

@POMMEHOONIE/INSTAGRAM highlighted this Rose Quartz and Agate cake. The peachy-pink swirls provide a sense of movement and the rock candy center is a delicate touch:


ALI N GARRETT/CAKE: INTRICATE ICINGS CAKE DESIGN produced this icy winter-wedding appropriate confection. The rich navy interior and white background add to the cold weather vibe.





Emerald and gold takes a swath through this creation from KAKES BY DARCI:
ALANA JONES MANN took fragmented rocks to the outside of her cake which is another take on the geode trend:



 ANGELA SHAE PHOTOGRAPHY/ CAKE: IRINA MURASHKO went literal with this two-tiered cake topped with actual geodes:


DIY Brides if you want to try your hand at making edible geode candy slices, here is an awesome tutorial from Daniella at Describe in One Word’s You Tube Channel.