Wedding Inspiration

Unexpected and Unique Wedding Venues, Get Married Someplace Cool!

Looking for somewhere a little bit different for your special day? If you are recently engaged and planning your wedding one of the first things on your “to do list” is to find a venue. Nail down your locale and you will be well on your way to planning the rest! Of course you could go the ordinary route and hold the ceremony at your church, on a beach, in your backyard, in a barn, or even at a beautiful hotel. But if you want a place that is unexpected and unique to get married at, we have some fun ideas for you! You’ll have an experience of a lifetime, you’re guests will be talking about how fun your wedding was for years! And you’ll save money on decor since most of these locales offer enough scenery that you won’t need any additional decorations at all.

1> Take to the skies! How about trading “I Do’s” in a hot air balloon?

Exchange your wedding vows in a beautiful, romantic hot air balloon. You’ll share an experience of a lifetime and take your wedding ceremony to romantic heights! Hop in the basket at Rainbow Ryders hot air balloon company for amazing rides over the Phoenix – Scottsdale area with romantic views of the Sonoran Desert, or in Albuquerque with breathtaking views of the Sandia Mountains.

International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque NM, photo by Sonya Cogan Photography

2> Go Deep. Tie the knot in a cave!

Spectacular Ruby Falls offers full cavern rentals to wedding paries in their waterfall room. The splendor of this underground scene reminds us of a cathedral.

3> Take the plunge. Join hands under the sea!

Take your honey and your wedding party down to the Florida Keys, whre Captain Slate of Captain Slate’s Scuba Adventures will be happy to perform your ceremony underwater. He performed his first watery wedding way back in 1978 and achieved fame after an appearing in People Magazine.  The cost for this amazing venue? About $400 for Capt. Slate to perform the underwater service, file marriage license AND follow up. You can also charter a boat for your party of up to 40 snorkelers/passengers or 25 divers. Have the whole thing professionally documented by Emmy Award winning videographer Frazier Nivens.

Ewa Staronska and Pawel Burkowski had the largest underwater wedding on record in August 2011. The couple decided to hold their wedding at the bottom of a lake at the Koparki Diving Base, in Jaworzno, Poland. This bride and groom managed to persuade their 303 guests to join them under the sea for the festivities:

4> Hold tight. Seal the deal on a roller coaster!

Robert Scherzer & Sarah Petty took a wild ride and got married while riding a giant roller coaster at the Puyallup Fairgrounds at the Washington State Fair.

5> Go Green. Host your wedding at a golf course!

Fairways make for great wedding venues, and you don’t even need to be a golfer to enjoy them. If you are wondering, “Hey where are the best golf course wedding venues near me?” And you are wanting to get married near downtown Austin, TX ….check out the beautiful Avery Ranch Golf Club. Having an outdoor wedding there provides you and your guests with a scenic location in the lovely Texas Hill Country where you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape, Bushy Creek and their beautiful Infinity Pool. It’s a great place to enjoy those eye-catching Texas sunsets, too. Plus Avery Ranch has everything you’ll need to make the event an easy and noteworthy experience.

FTo help your wedding day go smoothly, the venue features an excellent, full-time catering staff. Alcohol and music are available for your enjoyment. There is also a private bridal dressing room for you and your wedding party. Your photographer will have no trouble finding spectacular spots to take your wedding pictures, both indoors and outdoors, that will provide you and your family with memories of your special day for years to come! The Avery Ranch Golf Club is available everyday all year around and features all-inclusive wedding packages. Contact them to find out about your many options for the wedding of your dreams!