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Unique + Modern Wedding Invitation Styles

Unique + Modern Wedding Invitation Styles

Nothing sets the stage for your wedding guests quite as much as your invitations. So we suggest selecting something that will stand out AND show your style. Consider using one of these trendy and creative wedding stationery types for your day. Color Block, Transparent and Minimalist invitations will all deliver a stylish start to your wedding festivities.

Color Block Invites

One unique type of invite uses the technique of color blocking, which we are seeing everywhere lately. This beautiful style is trending in art and fashion and also is popping up in all sorts of wedding designs. Color blocking simply means that you pair two or three totally different colors together to make a bold statement. Sending your guests a color block invite will definitely show off your bright wedding style.

For example, we love these graphic and modern wedding invitations from minted featuring blocks of color in an artistic layout.

invites minted

With unique designs printed on luxe paper, all minted’s gorgeous wedding invitations are also available with several matching accessories.

This take on color blocking is so fanciful and pretty! Send your guests something charming and cheerful with these stylish wedding invitations by Margo & Bees.

invites Margot & Bees

Color blocking doesn’t have to be square. Check out these desert-toned cuties from double-dipped calligraphy.

Transparent Invites

Transparent, or clear invites allow light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. And we can’t think of a better way to WOW your wedding guests than sending a translucent inviation. For example, these beautifully sheer wedding invitations from Pumpkin Wedding Design on etsy deliver a modern, clean vibe:

We found this delicate gold foiled transparent invitation suite on amazon.

Clarity & Co offers these lovely burgundy acrylic wedding invitations:

Picky Bride offers gorgeous customized matte acrylic wedding invitations:

For a dramatic version of transparent, we suggest these elegant invites with black envelopes from Invitation Elegant on etsy:

Minimalist Invites

A minimalist aesthetic epitomizes the “less is more” approach to decor. Usually, it involves neutral colors, clean spaces, and minimal distractions. Minimalist weddings have a spare, fresh and modern feel.

Wedding invites of the minimalist persuasion have a calm, zen-like feeling. For example, Margot & Bees offers some lovely bespoke invites, like these spare floral ones:

We sourced this chic minimalistic invite template from The Paper Rosebuds on etsy. This is a perfect option for couples wanting to print their own invitations:

Basic Invites’ Minimalist Pennant Wedding Invitations are the perfect choice for any modern wedding! This lovely, typography-strong design displays a golden, outlined banner hanging from the top right corner, with your first initials within it. Your names are then aligned to the left, underneath, in modern calligraphy. Then the event’s venue is presented in matching text, while the wedding date is emphasized in large sans-serif.

Another clean crisp option, pictured below, is from minted.

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