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Wedding Inspo: Vintage Camper Weddings #caravanwedding #vwvanwedding

We’ve gone crazy for vintage campers, with their whimsy and awesome retro style. And, we’re pretty sure there is no better way to celebrate a summer wedding than to host it surrounded by the beautiful outdoors and a fabulous vintage trailer or two. They are adorable, provide the perfect backdrop for your event AND they can be used as drink stations, photo booths, dressing rooms or even as the honeymoon suite! Our rambling hearts first noticed the movement to restore vintage trailers on the tv show Flippin’ RVs on GAC, This show features co-hosts Anna and Justin Scribner and their RV restoration biz called Flyte Camp. Their craftsmanship in turning old and moldy trailers into art-on-wheels is simply spectacular. Regard this 1955 Spartan Manor 328, a vision of mid-century-ness:

Anything we find to be visually stunning has usually been found and appreciated by many others first. And, most times, whatever cool things we discover have also already been incorporated into the world of weddings. And, so we thought to ourselves, ‘let’s check Pinterest for vintage camper weddings.’ #Bingo

There are vintage campers and vans of every persuasion, color and style. And, lots of couples have been charmingly incorporating these beauties into their weddings. Take for instance, this fashionable English wedding. Their mode of transportation? A vintage pink van. So much to love here: hats on the ladies, pumps, midi dresses, and A PINK VW:

A bevy of bridesmaids in sweet floral robes congregate under the pinstriped pastel awning of this cutie:

Antique trailers make amazing food stations. They provide a visual feast for your loved ones before they even taste the food. Set the stage for happy guests with something like this crisp white trailer, the perfect place to serve your wedding sweets.

For your bar, consider the cool factor a portable caravan provides. Your guests will have a blast stepping up to a neat antique. A fun idea: feature an old-school cocktail or two from the era of the vintage camper. Tom Collins and Singapore Slings for all.

SideCar Cocktail Company brings their craft cocktail program to the weddings and events in the California area. Their signature drinks are served from Tinker Tin Trailer Co’s gorgeous, customized 1961 Shasta bar trailer:

Vintage campers offer such panache and joyfulness for everyone:

Vintage campers make perfect photo booths. We love the boho styling and bright turquoise color on this baby:

Having a barn wedding? Consider having a restored vintage horse trailer, like this one, for your photo booth:

Quick question: Is a vintage VW romantic? Normally we might not think so. But, now, well, yes, it sure is. Throw a gorgeous floral wreath on the front and grab your honey for a smooch and you’ve got yourself a swoon worthy photo op:

Actress Jenny Garth’s wedding (featured in People) showcased a couple of super-cute vintage pastel trailers, And, her floral wedding gown is EVERYTHING.

Want to add color and personality to your wedding? There are lots of restored camper rental agencies around the US and Canada. Some even have their own venues.

The most amazing of all, Tinker Tin Trailer Company, located on the Central Coast of California, offers nostalgic trailers for events all across the US. They also have a permanent site available, “The Trailer Pond”:

JuneBug Retro Resort in Asheville, North Carolina offers use of their ten restored campers for weddings held on their gorgeous property:

If you crave all that is nostalgic, fun and adventurous for your wedding, seek out a vintage camper or too. You’ll begin your  journey together with such happy memories.

Happy Trails!